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Technical (Tech) Team Member [England, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, New York]

England, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, New York, United States

Job description

In this cross-functional role, you’ll be collaborating with a team of students in the planning of an in-person TechTogether hackathon for your community. TechTogether hackathons are one of our biggest community engagement initiatives and continue to grow in size every year. As a Technical (Tech) Team Member, you will be responsible for helping the Technical Director in the creation of your chapter's hackathon website. This role is perfect for someone that wants to develop their web development, UI/UX, and project management skill-sets.


1. Design and implement the creation of your chapter's hackathon website using HTML/CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap.

2. Manage your chapter's Discord server.

3. Build strong relationships with internal team members, companies, event vendors, and local ecosystem stakeholders.
4. Collaborate with TechTogether to hit milestones and event diversity goals

Are the Chapter Program opportunities paid?
This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity with a local TechTogether chapter. The opportunities offered in the Chapter Program are similar to those you would receive volunteering for a student club on your college campus.

What are the benefits I can gain from this opportunity?
1. Gain insight on how to network and outreach effectively.
2. Build valuable project management and organization skills.
3. Get access to an alumni network that can assist with referrals to companies such as Stripe, Google, T-Mobile, Microsoft, and more!
4. Be involved with an initiative that is proactive about increasing the diversity of tech (which you can put on your resume!)!

Application is Rolling.
Time Commitment: December 2022 - June 2023

Job requirements

  • Resident and/or current student where your chapter is located. *If you are applying for the England chapter, you must be a resident and/or current student in England.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 16-24 enrolled in either high school, college, Bootcamp, or training program
  • Available to work 3-5 hours a week required.
  • Independent and self-sufficient
  • Passionate about TechTogether’s mission
  • Effective communicator both orally and written
  • Creative problem solver with a can-do attitude